Bioinnovo IgY-DNT


The IgY Technology consists in obtaining polyclonal antibodies by immunizing layers with the antigens of interest. Layers are able to concentrate IgY antibodies in their egg yolks.

IgY production minimizes animal suffering because the antibodies are not obtained from the blood serum, but from the egg yolk of hyperimmunized hens. In addition, significantly higher antibody levels can be obtained from hens than from mammals. This technology allows producing several tons of specific IgY against different antigens, supporting the design of profitable prophylactic and therapeutic products.

Moreover, the production of antibodies using the IgY technology addresses animal welfare concerns by operating under the 3R principles (reduction, replacement, refinement) of animal research, avoiding or minimizing the use of laboratory animals for the production of biological reagents.

The alternative to control neonatal calf diarrhea

IgY DNT is the alternative to control neonatal calf diarrhea. It is based on specific avian IgY immunoglobulins against the main infectious agents that cause neonatal calf diarrhea. The administration of IgY DNT reduces the severity and duration of scours, minimizing weight loss and improving the performance of calves. It is also highly palatable, easy to administer, and complements vaccination and treatment schemes in cows and calves.

Less antibiotics and higher profits

IgY DNT controls not only diarrheas of viral origin, but also those caused by bacteria, reducing or even avoiding the use of antibiotics, thus benefitting herd health. In addition, by shortening the duration of diarrhea episodes, the shedding of infectious agents in the environment, which is the main source of infection for susceptible animals, is reduced. Its inclusion in the feed, as a complementary strategy, improves animal health, and significantly reduces losses due to disease and mortality.