Combinacion Inta Vetanco
A virtuous circle of combined skills

What do we do

Bioinnovo is a biotechnology company dedicated to the research, design and development of IgY antibodies, recombinant vaccines, and the supply of specialized animal health services.

The products developed by Bioinnovo are based on two platforms: the IgY technology and the patented APCH1 platform, derived from the research work of the founding group and the Algenex company.

In addition, Bioinnovo provides specialized services for the evaluation of products for the poultry industry on its experimental farm.

An unprecedented combination

Bioinnovo is a leadership case resulting from a series of successful cooperation experiences between INTA and Vetanco S.A. The first agreement dates back to 2007 and laid the foundations of the current company. Today, Bioinnovo has all the infrastructure required to successfully achieve its goals: an IgY antibody production plant, a quality control and R&D laboratory, a layer production unit, and an experimental farm for the evaluation of poultry products run under stringent quality control standards.


Its dynamic board of directors has 5 members: a scientific director and 4 directors responsible for specific sectors, ensuring a competent technical and sales management of the company. The combination of complementary skills of the founding parties generates a synergy between cutting-edge research and the experience in scaling products under certified conditions, quality control, and large-scale supply capacity.